I just want to say thank you! Since 2015 I've been on stage with your designs. They fit perfectly from head to toe! They are absolutely stunning 😍. The quality is amazing, and they are so comfortable to wear! 

Honestly, the best bikini’s & theme wear’s I have ever worn! 

Elaine Babo, Rio de Janeiro

I'm a Pro and USA Diva bikini athlete for WBFF.

I love to be dressed by my fairy godmother – Renata Massaccesi.

The bikinis, costumes and dresses created by her are a show apart! The pieces are a luxury, and made with great care, not to mention the shine on the stage that is really out of this world! I'm a huge fan!

Vanessa Jardim,Sao Paulo

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I have absolute trust in Renata and her ability to create masterpieces. She first became my trusted designer for the LA Pro/AM 2019. Coincidentally I won my crown that very night. Whether good luck charm or genius designer I will always work with Renata. She has a special knack for knowing what will make each of us truly shine and showcase our hard work.

Julia Shelley, Calgary

I work with Renata for three years now, and I’m always impressed with her dedication and passion. 

What I love about Renata’s work is that her creations are unique. She has never brought anything to stage that is the same, and that’s what fashion is. 

I recommend Renata to everyone and I’m sure you will be extremely happy and feel as involved with her creations as I am❤️.

Caroline De Campos, 

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Coming Soon

Susie Woffenden, London

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Stephanie Ayala, Dallas 


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