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I just want to say thank you! Since 2015 I've been on stage with your designs. They fit perfectly from head to toe! They are absolutely stunning 😍. The quality is amazing, and they are so comfortable to wear! 

Honestly, the best bikini’s & theme wear’s I have ever worn! 

Elaine Babo, Rio de Janeiro

I have absolute trust in Renata and her ability to create masterpieces. She first became my trusted designer for the LA Pro/AM 2019. Coincidentally I won my crown that very night. Whether good luck charm or genius designer I will always work with Renata. She has a special knack for knowing what will make each of us truly shine and showcase our hard work.

Julia Shelley, Calgary

I'm a Pro and USA Diva bikini athlete for WBFF.

I love to be dressed by my fairy godmother – Renata Massaccesi.

The bikinis, costumes and dresses created by her are a show apart! The pieces are a luxury, and made with great care, not to mention the shine on the stage that is really out of this world! I'm a huge fan!

Vanessa Jardim,Sao Paulo

Renata helped me with my bikini, gown and theme wear during last year (2020). She’s such a beautiful soul, kind, caring, and extremely creative.

I only gave her a few comments but let her do her thing. Team work makes the dream work!

I won my crown and title and I’m very happy to have walked in her designs. I will be using her for my WBFF Worlds competition as well and can’t wait to see what she will come up with!

Maxx West, USA

I work with Renata for three years now, and I’m always impressed with her dedication and passion. 

What I love about Renata’s work is that her creations are unique. She has never brought anything to stage that is the same, and that’s what fashion is. 

I recommend Renata to everyone and I’m sure you will be extremely happy and feel as involved with her creations as I am❤️.

Caroline De Campos, Brazil

I’ve worked with Renata for over 4 years, she has designed my show bikinis and theme wears which have led me to 4 WBFF Title wins! Her work is spectacular, she goes above and beyond with detail, quality and creativity - a true artist! Not only is she a joy to work with, she has a heart of gold and pours everything into all her designs. Wearing her pieces level up your confidence on stage and makes sure you look at your best! She has created custom pieces for photoshoots and gowns for events, she can create anything! Thank you Renata for always taking care of me & being such a fabulous designer! 

Stephanie Ayala, Dallas 

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