Shipping Policy

Subject to the payment provisions set out above the ordered garment shall be available for collection at the Designers premises on the delivery date.

In the event of the client requesting delivery or shipping by a third party, all risk shall pass to the client when the Designer releases the ordered garment to the third party. The Designer shall not be responsible for any loss or damage once the garment has left the Designer’s premises.

Delivery/Shipping costs will be quoted additionally depending on the size and the delivery location of the order.

Cancellation and Return Policy

No returns under any circumstances. If the client is unavailable or unable to attend fitting appointments at the Designers premises in London by the Designers appointed staff, the client must accept responsibility for the fitting of the garment based on the measurements provided in the Order Confirmation Form. Reasonable allowances will be made for body changes with adjustable straps where possible.

In the event of a client cancelling the order for any reason whatsoever the client shall be responsible for paying to the Designer:

  1. An administration fee of 17%

  2. All costs incurred by the Designer in connection with any materials used or having been ordered prior to receipt of notice of cancellation from the client and all costs for any work performed pursuant to the order. For the avoidance of doubt, it is understood that such costs will incorporate profit lost on the work executed. It is agreed that the Designer shall be entitled to deduct the above fee and costs from any monies already paid by the client. In the event that there are insufficient monies held by the Designer from which to deduct all cancellation charges, the client shall pay any outstanding balance forthwith, and late payment shall incur an interest charge of 2% per month.