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Example of Gold Standard Bikinis

Untitled design.png

Example of Gold Standard Bikinis


Information on GOLD Standard Bikinis

The gold standard bikini is where it begins to open doors for more complex design ideas and colours. You can request the bikini to look how you would like in the colours that you would like.


All gold standard bikinis are made using a combination of different fabrics, stones and rhinestones. There is an equal amount of cheaper materials and more expensive materials that are used.

Shoes designed at the gold standard will have more complex designs, such as attachments like flowers and lace, and will have the addition of some big stones and rhinestones matching those used on the bikini.

If you would like additional accessories such as earrings, necklaces, arm pieces, leg pieces, tiaras, or a headpiece, please purchase them separately. The cost of the accessory will be based on the complexity of the request.


All of our bikini standards are made with perfection and will look beautiful regardless of the standard chosen. 

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