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Example of Diamond Standard Bikinis


Example of Diamond Standard Bikinis


Example of Diamond Standard Bikinis


Example of Diamond Standard Bikinis


Example of Diamond Standard Bikinis


Example of Diamond Standard Bikinis


Information on Diamond standard Bikinis

With the diamond standard bikini, the world is your oyster. You can request any design you would like and request multiple attachments, such as straps around the body, multiple straps on the bottoms, neckpieces, back straps, tassels etc. Our diamond standard bikinis can be worn in up to three styles, as shown in the pictures above. It is entirely up to you whether you would like your bikini to have 2-3 different styles in which it can be worn. If you do not request just one style of wearing, we will create up to three different styles.

All diamond standard bikinis are made using only the best, most expensive materials. We will buy materials specifically for your bikini to ensure you get exactly what you envision at the utmost best standard.

Shoes designed at the diamond standard will have more complex designs, such as straps going up the legs (detachable), attachments like flowers, bows, feathers and lace, and will have the addition of big stones and rhinestones matching those used on the bikini.

If you purchase a diamond standard bikini on its own (outside of the package), you will be required to purchase accessories separately if you would like additional accessories. The cost of the accessory will be based on the complexity of the request.

If you purchase the diamond bikini package, you will get all the desired accessories, matching shoes and a beautiful stage gown. Our diamond package is our best package. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ITEMS WITHIN A PACKAGE ARE FIXED AND CANNOT BE REPLACED WITH OTHER ITEMS.


All of our bikini standards are made with perfection and will look beautiful regardless of the standard chosen. 

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