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Example of Bronze Standard Bikinis

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Example of Bronze Standard Bikinis

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Information on bronze Standard Bikinis

The bronze standard bikinis are our lowest standard of bikinis. Clients will not have a lot of say in the style of the bikini. You can request the colours you would like, which are limited to two shades, and you can request a specific style, such as a halter top or a bikini with a neckpiece attachment that is not too complex.


All bronze standard bikinis are made with preowned materials and stones, we use the cheapest materials and stones owned, but we do add a very small amount of slightly more expensive stones to allow the bikini to have a higher element of shine.

Shoes designed at the bronze standard will not have complex designs, such as attachments and big stones. It will only be designed with rhinestones matching those used on the bikini.

If you would like additional accessories such as earrings, necklaces, arm pieces, leg pieces, tiaras, or a headpiece, please purchase them separately. The cost of the accessory will be based on the complexity of the request.

All of our bikini standards are made with perfection and will look beautiful regardless of the standard chosen. 

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