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Example of Silver Standard Theme Wear

Untitled design.png

Information on SILVER standard THEME WEARS

We do not have set prices for theme wear, which is not included in the package. If you require only theme wear, please email us ideas, and we can give you a quote.

The silver theme wear package is a bikini and theme wear combo, which means the theme wear made will match the bikini for the bikini round. PLEASE ENSURE THE COLOURS GIVEN FOR BIKINI WILL MATCH YOUR IDEA FOR THE THEME WEAR. All theme wear packages include shoes.


The silver standard theme wear is slightly more accommodating than our bronze standard theme wear, allowing clients to request slightly more complex design styles. It is possible to replicate a design you like for theme wear at this standard using materials we already have. We will advise upon request if the theme wear you request can be created at the standard you have chosen.


All silver standard theme wear is made mainly with preowned materials and stones, we mainly use our cheapest materials and stones owned, but there will be additions of more expensive materials too. If additional material is required to create what you desire, it will be purchased. Minimal feather work is permitted at the silver standard. 

Shoes designed at the silver standard will not have complex designs, such as attachments like flowers and lace, but will have the addition of some big stones and rhinestones matching those used on the bikini and theme wear.

If you would like additional accessories such as earrings, necklaces, arm pieces, leg pieces, tiaras, or a headpiece, please purchase them separately. The cost of the accessory will be based on the complexity of the request. Please note that your theme wear will take into account any accessories that we choose to use as part of the look. So additional accessories would be accessories you would like to add on top of whatever accessory we already provide.




All of our bikini standards are made with perfection and will look beautiful regardless of the standard chosen. 

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